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a clean & safe destination

We are proud to uphold a standard of excellence in Quinta do Lago. All our health and hygiene measures have been increased for the safety and comfort of our colleagues, residents and guests. Since doing so, Quinta do Lago resort is proud to be certified Clean & Safe by Turismo de Portugal and awarded the Safe Travels Certificate by World Travel Tourism Council. You can expect a warm welcome to Quinta do Lago, as usual, but we ask that you please observe the following information during your stay.




• Mandatory use of mask to access to all outlets, including restaurants, gyms and hotels
• It is required to present a EU Digital COVID Certificate or Proof of vaccination that proves you have been fully inoculated for at least 14 days, with a COVID -19 vaccine with market authorisation, or Proof of a negative lab test when accessing: 
- Hotels & rental accommodation
- Restaurants 
- Gyms
- Cultural events
- Events with allocated seating
• There is also a capacity restriction in all commercial spaces (1 person/5m2)

In the case of failure to present the required certification,  admittance to any premises in Quinta do Lago will not be permitted.



When you book a transfer with Quinta do Lago, we guarantee:

• The driver will be wearing face protection;
• The car/van will go through a cleaning and disinfection procedure prior to every arrival;
• All our partner vehicles have been installed with a perspex screen between the driver and passenger area; 


• When checking in it is mandatory to present: Mandatory EU COVID Digital Certificate, OR proof of vaccination attesting to the complete vaccination schedule, OR negative test (PCR - 72H or Antigen - 48H);

• For guests arriving from restricted countries or regions, you will need to provide detailed information before arrival or at time of making your reservation;

• For pre-booked guests, all check-in formalities will be completed online to reduce contact and time at the front desk and contactless check-in is available at reception;

• We provide safety, hygiene and other instructions to all guests as per the new updated safety procedures;

• For comfort and clarity, we have installed floor marking at our reception so you can easily keep your social distancing;

• Hand sanitiser dispensers are available for guests to use;

• Paper, envelopes and all equipment are kept sanitised/in safe environment, and are used on a request basis to avoid unnecessary contact;

• Sanitising wipes are available for guests to clean their phone or credit cards;

• Acrylic perspex is placed at the reception;

• Our team members wear masks.

• Based on occupancy, for rooms connected via internal corridors, rooms will be allocated with an alternate vacant room between, to ensure guests can maintain social distancing;
• Housekeeping on the floor wear safety PPE;
• Room linen to be changed once in three days or only on request;
• “Let’s go green together” option gives guests the possibility to opt-out of daily cleaning on certain days to reduce unnecessary contact and help us to reduce our environmental footprint;

• The areas will be cleaned and sanitised according to schedule;
• Hand sanitation units are at the entrances of the Gym and SPA areas for guests to use;
• We also have green areas and a tennis court in the hotel for outdoor exercise;.

•   To enter the restaurants it is mandatory to present: EU COVID Digital Certificate, OR proof of vaccination attesting to the complete vaccination schedule, OR negative test (PCR - 72H or Antigen - 48H);
•    Guests should pre-book, even for breakfast, and to only come to the restaurant when a table is available to avoid crowding;
•    Our staff are trained for minimal contact during service;
•    Our team members wear masks;
•    We use disposable napkins which are pre-packed;
•    Hand sanitation units are at the entrances of the restaurants for guests to use;
•    All tables, table items and menus are sanitized after each use;
•    Digital menus are available using a QR code.


•   See The Campus opening hours  here.
•   Advance online booking is strongly advised and can be made here.
•   Bookings are limited and spaced to restrict the number of people inside The Campus and to allow cleaning.



•    Sharing equipment is not recommended (tennis and padel);
•    The use of new balls is recommended;
•    Tennis and Padel courts are open for rental daily and coaching is available;
•    There will be a 10-minute interval between Courts to allow for cleaning and disinfection;
•    Sanitising stations are provided and courts are cleaned between use with electrostatic technology;
•    When your game is over, please leave the court to allow your fellow members access;
•    Stay at The Campus only during the game;
•    No seating is available in the court area;
•    The changing room/shower facilities are now open and are cleaned regularly;
•    Weekly social spins at The Bike Shed have a limited number of participants and must be pre-booked;
•    All rental bikes are cleaned and disinfected in between use.



•  To enter the gymnasium it is mandatory to present: EU COVID Digital Certificate, OR proof of vaccination attesting to the complete vaccination schedule, OR negative test (PCR - 72H or Antigen - 48H);
•   Social distancing for these activities is 3 meters;
•    Follow directional signs to move through facilities;
•    Spray and clean all equipment after use and return it to its original place of storage;
•    Personal gym towels must be used when exercising;
•    Our coaches wear masks during personal training and will not touch the client, unless in an emergency;
•    The use of the swimming pool and spa area requires pre booking and has limited number of users;
•    The pool is disinfected and maintained regularly in line with DGS guidelines.



•    There will be an 8-minute interval between groups;
•    Private and rental buggies are permitted for a maximum of 2 people per buggy and one designated driver at all times;
•    Payments with electronic card are recommended;
•    Pull trolleys, electric trolleys and golf clubs are available to rent and are properly disinfected after each use;
•    No rakes on the bunkers (playing preferred lies);
•    Buggy Bar is available;
•    Course toilets are open and available;
•    Hand sanitising stations available at course toilets;
•    Tee times should be booked in advance;
•    Visitors are encouraged to book and pre-pay in advance;
•    Members have to book always in advance;
•    All golfers should be aware of social distancing rules and maintain a minimum of 2 meter distance;
•    Clients should arrive at the golf course maximum of 20 minutes prior the tee times;
•    Clients with COVID–19 symptoms should not come to the golf course;
•    Check-in for all players, including members, is at the golf reception;
•    Hand sanitising stations are available;
•    Electronic payments only – no cash;
•    All touchpoints and surfaces are frequently cleaned;
•    North/South and Laranjal clubhouses are open, toilets and showers are available;





•    Social distance between players of different households must be maintained;
•    Flagsticks to remain in the hole and must not been touched;
•    Hole cups will have a disc on the top of the cup for a simple contact ball retrieval;
•    If the ball is lost or unplayable, players must not come back to play another ball;
•    Players must not touch the equipment or golf balls of other players;
•    Players must refrain from handshakes or high fives;
•    All golfers must leave the golf club 1 hour before sunset;
•    No rakes - all rakes from the bunkers will be removed, players are advised to smooth the sand with feet or clubs.



•    Social distance between players of different households must be maintained;
•    Baskets and tokens are disinfected daily;
•    Clubs available for rental and are disinfected after each use;


• Masks must be worn in indoor spaces;
• There is appropriate spacing between all our seating areas;
• We disinfect each area and equipment after use;


• We keep enough space between tables and chairs;
• We limit the number of guests in these areas based on maximum allowed;
• We disinfect each area and equipment after use;

• We are looking into the best options to have express/ e-check out by emailing the bill and accepting online payments;
• We advise guests to inform us of their check-out plans in advance so that bills can be pre prepared;
• For comfort and clarity we have installed floor marking at our reception so you can easily keep your social distancing;
• Sanitisers and wipes are available for guests to use;


•Any restrictions on occupancy will be updated following announcement from Government;


• All indoor areas such as entrance lobbies, corridors and staircases, elevators, staircases, reception area, meeting rooms, restaurant etc. are mopped with an appropriate disinfectant (with 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectants);
• For metallic surfaces such as door handles, security locks, keys etc. we use appropriate disinfectant (70% alcohol or bleach);




• Each employee is responsible for their own transportation to and from work and to guarantee their safety;

• We request all staff members stay at home if they have any symptoms of flu or are not feeling well;
• Team member running a temperature more than 38° C will be asked to attend a medical facility and leave the premises;

• Staff members will be given masks and gloves and other adequate PPE as part of the uniform across all departments;

• Access to lockers is staggered in 10-minute slots to ensure there is no overcrowding in the lockers and the number of employees is regulated for social distancing;
• Information on hand wash and sanitising regulations are visible;
• We monitor to ensure there is no crowding on arrival or at the locker room;


• Proper tools and gear for staff members are available, including masks, gloves and tools in various departments which minimise human contact;
• Staff members must use disinfected and clean gloves;
• Staff members to stay home and isolate themselves if they have any symptoms of cold or flu;

• Shifts are staggered to avoid canteen crowding;
• Canteen hours are extended to allow smaller groups over a longer period of time - the usage is restricted to Government recommended levels;

• Our kitchen is sanitized at regular intervals;
• We limit the number of staff to the minimum required; staff can be organised into teams to reduce interactions between teams;
• Workstations are placed in such a way that the staff is not facing each other and can maintain appropriate social distance;
• We ensure proper cleaning of vegetables, meats and all other surfaces/equipment in the kitchens and use approved sanitising agents to disinfect;
• We ensure all tools are sanitised after each use;

• We ensure proper cleaning procedures for items being received;
• All supplies are fully sanitised and stored before entering the premises and refrigerators;
• We use WHO and DGS approved sanitizing agents;
• We ensure the area is sanitised at regular intervals;
• Vendors are advised on how we will accept goods and how their staff should arrive with necessary protective gear;

• Safety instructions, including the number of employees allowed at one time, is placed inside the elevator and is easily visible;
• Elevator floor buttons are regularly sanitised;
• Keep floor and other areas of the elevators that can be touched sanitised;
• Elevator floor has markings with directions, so that employees do not face each other and maintain social distancing;


• We ensure regular health check-ups for employees; well-equipped clinic operational within the hotel premises with a health partner, Previa;
• We have proper PPE equipment for the Safety Team (Team 6 - Vigiquinta) who are trained to handle and wear disposable PPE equipment in the event they have to evacuate a potential suspected case;

• L&D conducts sensitisation classes for Staff members on upgraded hygiene standards;
• Employees are well-informed about all COVID-19 related operating procedures;
• All teams will be regularly updated with the latest guidelines by WHO and DGS.