selling your home in quinta do lago

With the official Quinta do Lago Real Estate

As a valued member of our community, the process of selling your home at Quinta is managed with the elegance and professionalism you will have come to know in our resort. Your investment in us is not unrecognised, and with that we offer you an above and beyond service that is simple, hassle-free and profitable.


As the only official Real Estate agency for the resort, Quinta do Lago Real Estate is best positioned to help with the full package of the sale of your home – and, if you so desire, also in finding your next home or investment in the resort. To find more about how our sales process and expertise can serve your interests, view our Property Sales Guide below.



As the official Real Estate team for the resort, we have a deep and extensive knowledge of the past, present and future of Quinta do Lago. Get to know us, and we’re sure you’ll feel confident in our ability to support and serve your interests throughout the sale process.

property management

Full-service rental property supervision and management, from rent collection to insurance protection and property maintenance. Dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind with anything that concerns your property in Quinta do Lago.

Team 6 vigiquinta

The security arm of Quinta do Lago, Team 6 Vigiquinta are the most technically advanced monitoring centre in Portugal, and one of the best in Europe, they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to protect the resort, its residents, guests and staff.


Providing a complete service of landscape creation, maintenance and treatment for both residential and commercial clients, Q Landscape are dedicated to performing to the highest standards to achieve effective and practical solutions.