q farm

From farm to table

Q Farm is a planned process of development in which produce used in our restaurants is grown right here, at Quinta do Lago. Growing aromatic herbs and vegetables, Q Farm supplies daily fresh and organic produce to the restaurants here in Quinta do Lago. In fact, the farm has almost become an extension of the restaurant kitchen, with chef’s being able to request specific ingredients needed to make signature dishes. The seeds are planted in the greenhouse, grown in the farm, harvested in the morning and on your plate by lunchtime – you won’t find fresher than that!

We harvest more than 50 different organic fruit, herbs and vegetables, such as wild strawberries, golden beetroot. In Total we have grown 4785 kilos of organic produce for our restaurants and food outlets, in 2022.

Meet Q Farm

Q Farm is a groundbreaking development at Quinta do Lago that is revolutionizing the dining experience. This unique initiative involves the cultivation of fresh and organic produce, including aromatic herbs and vegetables, right on the premises of the restaurants. The farm seamlessly integrates with the restaurant kitchens, allowing chefs to request specific ingredients needed for their signature dishes. With the seeds planted in the greenhouse, grown on-site, and harvested in the morning, diners can savor dishes made from the freshest ingredients on their plates by lunchtime.

Farm-to-Table Integration

Q Farm is more than just a farm; it's an extension of the restaurant kitchen. This integration allows chefs to have direct access to the freshest ingredients possible. They can tailor their menus with precision, knowing that the produce they need is just steps away. This farm-to-table approach not only guarantees freshness but also supports sustainable and organic farming practices, reducing the environmental impact associated with ingredient transportation.

The Freshest Dining Experience

At Q Farm, the emphasis is on delivering an unparalleled dining experience. With produce harvested in the morning, the time between farm to plate is incredibly short, ensuring that diners enjoy the peak flavors and nutritional benefits of every ingredient. The farm's dedication to freshness and quality makes it a true culinary gem, setting a new standard for farm-to-table dining in the Quinta do Lago area.

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