team 6 vigiquinta

The security PROVIDER of Quinta do Lago

Team 6 Vigiquinta are the most technically advanced monitoring centre in Portugal, and one of the best in Europe. With a response time of 3-6 minutes and operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Team 6 has been the main security provider for Quinta do Lago resort for over 30 years. A team of technical experts use an intelligent combination of technology to achieve security goals and count with specialists in data security to help protect our client’s data against internal and external threats that ensure GDPR compliance.



Team 6 Vigiquinta provide all residents and guests in Quinta do Lago an array of services, including surveillance, first response and 24h medical assistance. Using the most technically advanced monitoring centre in Portugal, and of the best in Europe, they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year combining electronic equipment and human vigilance to protect the resort, its residents, guests and staff.



We ensure total safety by working with specialist security alert systems protection and preventative controls designed to avoid incidents such as false perimeter, CCTV and alarm system triggers Our systems can be integrated with medical alert such as fall detection with two-way audio communication as well as smart access control that allows you to inspect the premises remotely. What’s more, in line with new Portuguese regulations, yearly maintenance and fire and smoke detection comes as standard. This advanced surveillance systems not only add value to your property, but offer you complete peace of mind


Experts in garden design, construction and maintenance, Q Landscape focuses on developing innovative, sustainable and unique solutions. Their wealth of expert knowledge creates and sustains beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces that are specific to the owner’s lifestyle and tastes. 


With the guidance and reassurance of decades of experience, the Quinta do Lago Real Estate team are the local and natural experts of the resort. They pride themselves on offering a tailored service that strives to ensure the buying or sales process to be pleasant, stress-free and profitable.

property management

With twenty years’ experience and unbeatable connections within the resort, the Clube da Quinta team are a full-service property management company, providing rental property supervision and management, from rent collection, bill payments to insurance protection and property maintenance.