From a remote farmstead to one of Europe’s most exclusive destinations,
Quinta do Lago has a fascinating tale to tell.

More than 50 YEARS OF LEGACY

Quinta do Lago celebrates more than 50 years of unique history. Over the years, Quinta do Lago has become a place of constant inspiration, where quality of life is measured by proximity to nature, an active, outdoor lifestyle and treasured family moments, and, with a commitment to nature, its sustainable approach protects our environment and secures the future for generations to come. This was recognised most notably when, following a €7 million upgrade, the South Course was crowned the Best Golf Course in Portugal at the World Golf Awards, and Quinta do Lago was the recipient of the 2021 International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) Sustainability Award for Resource Efficiency. The unique history of Quinta do Lago is one that lives on in every corner of the resort today; a legacy of lifestyle firmly rooted in health, family and connection to nature. An award-winning, world-renowned destination for luxury lifestyle, Quinta do Lago is a truly timeless destination in which families can live their dream life in a secure and clean environment.



The story of Quinta do Lago reveals how the creation of a destination can rest in the hands of just one man. This man was property developer André Jordan, and it was his vision, that secured the future of the Algarve’s leading resort. “It was a day I will never forget,” Jordan recalls. “I sat on the hill, looked across the marshlands and I had a vision of what would become the Quinta do Lago Master Plan.” The hill on which André Jordan sat when he first set eyes on the future site of Quinta do Lago, is now the refined setting of Casa Velha restaurant. Then, it was just a crumbling 300-year-old farmhouse, with earth floors inside, inhabited by Maria and her husband José. “Sometimes when you look at a property you have an instant view of what you are going to do,” Jordan says. “There was no road access to Quinta do Lago, so I had to drive along trails and through pine woods until I came to a high point overlooking it, with the ocean on the horizon.  “Within 10 minutes I had the concept for the whole project in my mind. I wanted to create a high-quality resort that reflected local character and style."



As Quinta do Lago made its first tentative steps, it did so in a country about to enter political turmoil. This was a time seemingly not conducive to investing in a major golf and real estate development, but Jordan had his dream. The initial and successful phase, from 1972 to 1974, saw the opening of a resort’s first facilities and accommodation: a restaurant in the estate’s original farmhouse, now Casa Velha; 20 timeshare two-bedroom apartments, the Pony Club disco, a tennis club, a horse riding centre, a bridge across to the beach, the creation of the lake and the completion of 27 holes of golf. During this time the resort welcomed its first guests, quickly gaining a reputation among the travelling elite as ‘the’ place to be, while being favourably featured in several international publications. And then, just as sales in building plots began to boom, the military coup of April 25 1974 and the resulting revolution kicked off a chain of events that would put a hold on any further development. Following the nationalisation of the banks from which André Jordan had borrowed to develop the resort, Quinta do Lago was taken over by the state and Jordan returned to Brazil. With very few visitors, sales at a standstill and buyers from before the revolution pulling out, the resort was left in the hands of the works committee, some 300 workers with very few resources, low wages, but plenty of resolve. Their efforts helped keep the resort going, ensuring its golfing reputation in particular.


Part of the resort’s founding vision, golf excelled from the outset, with William F Mitchell’s initial 27-hole layout (today’s South Course and nine holes of today’s North Course) paving the way for the Quinta’s very first golfing accolade, when it was chosen to hold the Portuguese Open in 1976, with Spain’s Salvador Balbuena ending with a four-shot lead over Scotland’s Sam Torrance.  The tournament and its successful outcome represented an unrivalled achievement for the resort. Initially, because the future of the Portuguese Open itself was uncertain. Only through the concerted efforts of Quinta do Lago and the Portuguese Golf Federation was it able to go ahead. Additionally, at the time the course had no facilities, and as a result it was forced to improvise, using military tents to accommodate the players, media and visitors. Between 1976 and 2001 Quinta do Lago hosted the Portuguese Open a total of eight times. The 33rd Portuguese Open, held in 1989, was arguably Quinta’s most memorable. Victory went to charismatic Scot, Colin Montgomerie, who took the title with a final score of 24 under par, breaking the course record along the way with a round of 63. By 1989 Roger Abraham had withdrawn, and running the resort alone David Thompson appointed Domingos da Silva as Planal’s administrator. The nineties saw the resort consolidate its position as one of Europe’s premier destinations, and cement its role as flag bearer for quality tourism in the Algarve. This period also saw the resort retake control of its golfing assets, with its 36 holes, now North and South, back in its full ownership.


In 1998 Planal was sold to Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien. Almost two decades down the line, O’Brien’s leadership has ensured the resort’s position as the leading golf and real estate resort in the Algarve, and as a guiding light in luxury developments for Europe and beyond. Sticking to Jordan’s original vision, the resort goes from strength to strength, evermore becoming a favourite destination for families, with ongoing improvements to infrastructure, facilities and amenities, including a third golf course, new restaurants with children’s playgrounds, the Paul McGinley Golf Academy and Mini Golf course. Under O’Brien’s custodianship, Quinta do Lago, now more than 45 years of age, has matured into a truly successful example of luxury residential and golf tourism, more than achieving the vision its founder first experienced on a pine-covered hill overlooking deserted marshlands.


With Sean Moriarty as Chief Executive of the resort, Quinta do Lago has become ever more family and lifestyle oriented. The opening of The Campus high performance sports hub in 2018 has made the resort a fly-to destination for the world’s elite sports stars and athletic champions, as well as a favourite spot for health and fitness enthusiasts, sports holiday makers and active families. Its state-of-the-art facilities, including high performance gym, tournament tennis and Padel courts, aquatic centre, bike shed, fitness classes and rehabilitation clinics, has made Quinta do Lago’s one of the finest wellness and lifestyle resorts in Europe. Quinta’s boutique hotel, The Magnolia Hotel, was refurbished into the coolest and most colourful place to holiday in the Algarve. With its own outdoor heated swimming pool, cocktail bar, restaurant and motel-chic accommodations - including charming two-bedroom cottages - The Magnolia brings new energy to the Algarve and offers a chance to experience the luxury Quinta do Lago lifestyle at a more affordable rate. New real estate developments like RESERVA and the award-winning Lorenzo Villa showcase the possibilities of wellness architecture and lifestyle within the natural grounds of the resort. A full events calendar further extends the possibilities, making Quinta do Lago a place to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, filled with special family moments, all year long.


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Over the past 50 years, Quinta do Lago has firmly established itself as one of the most prestigious golf, leisure and real estate developments in Europe. It offers an unrivalled location, year-round temperate climate, a wide range of indoor and outdoor leisure activities, and a strong sense of community.


A state-of-the-art performance and innovation environment enjoyed by athletes, teams and sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. The Campus premier multi-sports hub welcomes you to enjoy a lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness and is dedicated to delivering elite sport to all, whatever your level.


Quinta do Lago has been at the forefront of international golf since its creation. Today the resort’s three courses are among Europe’s best and are joined by world-class golf facilities such as the Paul McGinley Golf Academy and Southern Europe’s only TaylorMade Performance Center.