Set in the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, Quinta do Lago has always been extremely passionate about looking after its natural environment. Nature is part of our DNA – as can be seen in our masterplan where only 9% of the overall area is built, with all the rest being natural spaces and green areas. The result is a destination inspired by nature, and the ideal backdrop for a lifestyle of wellness and unforgettable moments.

Some of our ongoing eco-strategies in Quinta do Lago include providing homegrown organic produce throughout their restaurants, improving irrigation and water treatment on our golf courses, reintroducing native plants to nurture the surrounding wildlife, and supporting our local community to enjoy nature and be inspired to make sustainable choices.


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With a €7 million investment, the South Course has recevied masterful upgrades that not only elevate the playing experience, but bring Quinta do Lago to the forefront of environmentally conscious golf. The resurfaced, upgraded 72-par course has been installed with state-of-the-art irrigation systems, maximising efficiency and reducing use of non-renewable resources, and a planting scheme of native species has been adopted to increase biodiversity, as well as bug hotels. During the final part of the upgrade, our Greenkeepers are working tirelessly to fully transition to a single grass type in the maintained rough of the South Course, providing great contrast to the newly planted fairways and a reduced dependency on our natural resources. With a sharp, modern look adding drama to the game, the iconic course showcases the outstanding nature in which it sits, with unrivalled presentation and course conditions. 



GEO Certified® is the symbol of great golf environments worldwide – certifying if a golf facility has met a credible standard in the areas of nature, resources, and community, and is committed to continuous improvement. GEO Certified® is widely trusted and endorsed by a growing number of organizations and people, both inside and outside golf. In Quinta do Lago, the sustainability certification process is more than just a golf project; is a resort-wide commitment that is valued and considered in all areas.



To improve the natural habitat and water quality of the Salt Lake in Quinta do Lago, we carried out three types of drainage works; POLIS works (pedestrian requalification) to create a crossing between the main lake and a small lake on the other side of The Shack, cleaning of algae to avoid unpleasant odours in the future, and a pipeline installation to pump water from the Ria Formosa directly to a more northerly area on the Quinta do Lago lake, to improve water quality.

In addition, a new nature trail that links Quinta do Lago to Anção Beach has been built, creating a third nature trail in Quinta do Lago to increase the offer for walking and cycling in a unique setting, surrounded by various species of birds and wildlife.


Q Farm is a planned process of development in which produce used in our restaurant kitchens is grown right here, in Quinta do Lago. On its 2300m2 land, Q Farm grows seasonal vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and some fruits with more than 40 different products in total. Our farmers practice organic farming, so crop rotation and use of compost is a priority. Q  Farm supplies daily fresh produce to the restaurants here in Quinta do Lago, in fact, the farm has almost become an extension of the restaurant kitchen, with chef’s being able to request specific ingredients needed to make signature dishes. The seeds are planted in the 300m2 glasshouse, grown in the farm, harvested in the morning and on your plate by lunchtime – you won’t find fresher than that!

Just some of the ways in which we are celebrating our extraordinary natural environment include: wildlife information boards placed within each golf course to inform golfers of what species the golf course is home to; raising money for charity Wildlife Rescue Centre, RIAS; printing of new Nature Trail booklets to inspire walks in nature; highlighting a “species of the month” of those that have habitat in Quinta do Lago, shared via social media and in posters on resort, detailing the behaviours, characteristics and curiosities of the species so our community is more informed and inspired than ever.

To raise awareness and ensure our community is connected to nature, Quinta do Lago organises: guided walks through the golf course to discover the diversity of the wildlife on the course and gain a new perspective of what golf courses can do; the release of native species (for example, turtles) into the environment; Farmyard & Friends event at Q Farm where guests can learn about our produce and our work toward sustainable kitchens. Quinta do Lago is also a champion of outdoor sports and offers affordable options for children to learn a sport and support them to go on to participate in tournaments. Our local workforce of more than 500 employees are committed to forging a strong community bond in Quinta do Lago to celebrate, enjoy and protect our surrounding nature.


Quinta do Lago is committed to conserving resources by:

Building shelters for insects (Bug Hotels) which are important in the control of garden pests, like aphids, mites and slugs and reducing the need to use insecticide

Placing nest-boxes for birds to attract different species (Blue Tit, Great Tit, Eurasian Loopoe, Little Owl, etc), providing solutions to control insect and rodent pests, such as the Pine Processionary Caterpillar

Construction of Bat Houses 

Electric fleet usage to avoid using of fuel

Introduction of native plants to control invasive exotic species

Removing single plastic usage from our restaurants; using sustainable packaging for take away

Reduction of paper use in our offices, recycle bins and refillable water bottles for staff

Water fountains installed at The Campus and golf courses and refillable water bottles available for members

Removal of invasive plants 

Planting and re-naturalization using native plant species (Mastic tree, Salvia cistus, Kermes Oak, Olive tree, Strawberry tree, Carob tree, among other options), developing a local biodiverse landscape that creates a genuine golf experience.

Adopting local horticulture practices in Q Farm

Forging partnerships with local government to develop new eco-energy solutions




We are always striving to do more and would love to hear from you.