Physiotherapist (M/F) - Green Receipt Department — The Campus - Health & Specialties

Job summary

The Quinta do Lago Group is recruiting candidates for the position of Physiotherapist (M/F) for The Campus - Green Receipt. 


Candidate Profile

 Skills and Abilities:
• Excellent understanding of human anatomy and physiology of movement
• Capacity to establish diagnostics and excellent clinical reasoning skills
• Good interpersonal skills
• Ability to deal sensitively with injured clients
• Solution and results oriented
• Encouraging and motivating attitude
• Responsible, self-driven and hard-working
• Highly professional and ethical, in all aspects of the work

• Higher Education – Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, Sport Sciences, Sports Therapy or related field
• At least 3 years of employment in a related position
• Fluent in English and Portuguese



Key Responsibilities

• Perform all stand duties of a Sports Physiotherapist for outpatient care according to proper current ethical and industry standards
• Design and monitor rehabilitation programmes appropriate to the injury and/or sport and level
• Test joints for ease and range of movement, pain and dysfunction
• Mentally and physically prepare clients before a competition and use strapping, taping and massage techniques where necessary
• Provide emergency aid if necessary
• Examine and assess injuries and determine whether the client can continue to practice sport safely
• Treat and mobilise injuries to alleviate pain
• Rehabilitate injuries by using manual therapy techniques (such as massage), apparatus and electrotherapy
• Bring in new clients to The Campus and cultivate relationships with partner doctors, coaches, sports clubs, federations, etc.

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