Health Check up Programme



Quinta do Lago with its beautiful nature, clean air, amazing beaches, fantastic golf courses, 5star sporting facilities and wonderful restaurants is the perfect place for living a healthy lifestyle.

We have together with the experienced physicians Dr Kaiser and Dr Thomson from the Family Medical Centre, located right in the heart of Quinta do Lago, implemented a range of preventative health check-ups that will enable you to improve your health and detect problems at an early stage.

Whilst playing sport or relaxing in the sun you can carry out a conveniently organized preventative health-check-up. The doctors will after all the tests are done lay out a health-action-plan individually for you.






A good initial check up that everyone should do yearly. 

Includes a thorough examination with skin cancer screening, blood and urine tests, ECG and discussion of your health action plan with one of our experienced doctors.

Price: €540


A very comprehensive check up that we recommend for everybody over 40.

Includes a detailed risk assessment of your individual health situation, physical examination with skin cancer screening, blood and urine tests, ECG, ultrasounds of abdomen and pelvis, echocardiogram of your heart and the most important arteries.

A written perfect health action plan.

Price: €990


An extensive and personalized check up that we recommend for specific circumstances.

Includes CT scans of heart and lungs, MRI of brain, abdomen and pelvis, stress tests, colonoscopy and a wide range of blood tests including genetic markers.

Price from €1500 to €2500