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We’ve been making an effort to live and create a healthy lifestyle, here at Quinta do Lago. The amazing weather and outstanding conditions have inspired us to take a step further on this challenge, therefore we are in the process of creating a Quinta Farm.  The Quinta Farm is a planned process of development, in which produce used in our restaurants will be grown right here, at Quinta do Lago. Nature-friendly, fresh produce, locally sourced, will take the health factor a step further – and your health a fork closer.


It has been a year since works began on the land that is now the thriving Q Farm, and the evoltuon of this wonderful idea is plain to see. Growing aromatic herbs and vegetables, Q Farm now supplies daily fresh and organic produce to the restaurants here in Quinta do Lago. In fact, the farm has almost become an extention of the restaurant kitchen, with chef’s being able to request specific ingredients needed to make signature dishes. The seeds are planted in the greenhouse, grown in the farm, harvested in the morning and on your plate by lunchtime – you won’t find fresher than that!

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