Assistant Superintendent – Irrigation Department — Greenkeeping


Job summary

The Assistant Superintendent – Irrigation is responsible for the programming, maintenance and repair of the irrigation for the greenkeeping department.

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Candidate Profile

Education and Professional Experience

  • Ability to operate light motorized equipment.
  • Experience of golf course irrigation central controller.
  • Knowledge of all irrigation systems and their electronic activating devices
  • Advanced knowledge of USGA Putting Green construction and irrigation requirements
  • Experience of using volumetric water content data loggers


Skills and Abilities:

  • Plan and implement irrigation schedules
  • High level of computer literacy
  • Requires advanced working knowledge electricity and hydraulics related to an irrigation system, including automatic valves and controllers.
  • Requires a working knowledge of various types of pumps and pumping systems
  • Knowledge of tools, methods and materials used in grounds and landscape area maintenance work.
  • Requires proven leadership abilities.
  • Good Judgment and Decision Making.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Highly organised

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the programming, operation, maintenance and repair of the irrigation networks, pump stations and bore holes, lake aeration and features under the Greenkeeping Department and within the Greenkeeping Maintenance Standards.
  • Assist the Superintendent with all long-term planning of new projects, upgrades and improvements to the existing network to maximize efficiency and prolong the life of the asset.  
  • Monitors, maintains and repairs the drainage networks within the Greenkeeping Department
  • Monitors, maintains and repairs the Lake Aeration equipment and lake water features within the Greenkeeping Department.
  • Keeps detailed ‘As-Built’ drawings of the irrigation, drainage and electric networks within the golf courses and greenkeeping areas.
  • Calibrate and programme fertigation systems for the greenkeeping department.
  • Directs a team of irrigation technicians and gives coaching and training as required to instill a culture of learning and growth within a safe working environment.
  • Manage a store of consumable materials for the maintenance and repair of the irrigation and drainage networks and order as and when required.
  • Keep detailed records of irrigation water consumption, power consumption, bore hole operation, weather and climatic conditions.
  • Continually scout turf areas and record data to analyse all irrigation and disease related issues.
  • Assist in Human Resource related areas.
  • Liaise with service providers, contractors and suppliers on delivery of goods and services within QDL standards and timelines.

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