Payroll Technician & HR Administrative (M/F) Department — Human Resources


Job summary

The Quinta do Lago Group is recruiting candidates for the position of Payroll Technician & HR Administrative (M/F).

We are looking for a technician to join the Salary Processing & HR Administrative team with responsibility for salary processing and human resources administrative tasks for the various companies in the Quinta do Lago Group.


- Possibility of integration in a solid company

- Salary commensurate with the position and professional experience

Candidate Profile


 - Higher Education in Management, Human Resource Management or equivalent;

- Professional experience in the position or equivalent of between 3 and 5 years;

- Proven experience in PHC in salary processing;

- Proficient in the use of Microsoft and other computer tools from the user point of view (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, others)

- Fluent in Portuguese and English

- Natural sympathy and communication skills;

- Enjoy and understand the value of teamwork;

- Good ability to manage complexity and prioritisation

- To be dynamic and able to perform several tasks simultaneously, cultivating a sense of urgency;

- Good analytical and organizational skills.





Key Responsibilities


- Collect from the various Head of Department, organization and posting of documents/data necessary for the salary processing;

- Follow-up of the processes of pledges of salaries/allowances;

- Management and organisation of sick leave and absence from work - Social Security / Insurance / Others;

- Salary processing including time management, Holidays, sick leave and others;

- Requests for payments to the Financial Department;

- Compile information and closing statements for the month and send to the Financial Department;

- Send holiday charts to the Insurance Company;

- Prepare copies of employee leave and send to the respective department heads;

- Management and processing of employee terminations;

- Organising and accounting final credits and ensuring payment to the employee (remission of debits);

- Preparation of lists for accounting with the values of Social Security and respective discounts (pledges of salaries, unions, alimony);

- Management of activity and responsibilities with Social Security and Compensation Funds;

- Legal obligations and declarations for employees including DMR, AT, SS, INE, RU among others;



Organization and management of employee admission processes:

- Management of entries and employee transfers in the respective salary processing and registration in the necessary entities;

- Communication and registration of security guards on the site of the PSP;

- Registration of employees with Social Security and the Compensation Fund;

- Registering Employees with the Social Security services

- Submit a request for a Beneficiary Number to Social Security services for employees who do not have the respective number;

- Informing managers and supervisors about the beginning of their functions;


 Organization and management of employee termination processes:

- Exit and Transfer Management reflecting in the respective salary processing and inscription in the necessary entities;

- Communication of departure of security guards on the PSP (MAI/Vigiquinta) site;                         

- Termination of employees in the Social Security and Compensation Fund;

- Confirm with the person responsible for the Department area the end of the contract with the company (Exit date);

- Confirm the delivery of the elements and materials that were made available to the employee at the moment of integration (e.g. uniform, mobile phone, MAI Card / Employee Card / Others);

- Discharge and update the employee's situation in PHC/Innux;

- Organization of the processes of dismissal of workers;

- Preparation of statements and other documents requested by employees;

- Elaboration of archive and documentation

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