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Quinta do Lago - San Lorenzo North Extraordinary Everyday


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A leader in modern property development, Quinta do Lago champions wellness architecture and home automation as a turning point for family lifestyle in budding luxury neighbourhood, San Lorenzo North

Much like the process of choosing a new suit, choosing a new home is highly individual. From shape to size, design and detail, when in the market for something as personal as a home, or indeed a suit, it’s got to be the perfect fit. 
Imagine, then, the possibilities of a tailor-made home; a bespoke, luxury smart home, designed around your family’s personality and preferences, and built for you in Quinta do Lago’s secure and natural environment on Portugal’s southern coast.
In San Lorenzo North, Quinta do Lago’s smart home residency, a limited number of virgin plot developments are bringing these extraordinary possibilities to life. In this prospering, private corner of the resort, your imagination is the only limit.
“Here, you have the chance to build the home of your dreams, with complete peace of mind that your investment will be expertly managed from start to finish, safe in the hands of a leading property developer,” says Artur Simes, Quinta do Lago’s Real Estate Director.


Through the vast network of connections of Quinta do Lago’s award-winning real estate team, industry-respected architects, project managers and construction firms join forces to create a stunning home, designed to support your quality of life.
These homes beautifully illustrate the possibilities of wellness architecture and design, as local architect João Cabrita explains: “True wellness architecture goes beyond ‘healthy lifestyle’ to respond to the whole range of human needs. 
“In San Lorenzo North, we integrate into the design not only proportions that would appeal to human essence, but also the flexibility to adapt to any lifestyle,” João says.
This vision is brought together through flowing indoor-outdoor designs, with soaring ceilings and low-UV windows that flood the home with natural light and regulate the temperature and air quality. 
Rooms are designed to reflect your personality and preferences – a high-performance home-gym, meditation room, green living walls, relaxation-optimised bedrooms, outdoor dining and entertaining spaces – the possibilities are endless.


Designed to give your home a personality, smart home technology fine-tunes the architectural structure to create safe, well-functioning homes that take homes in San Lorenzo North to the next level.
“Advanced, integrated home domotics seamlessly support your day-to-day lifestyle as a security system and personal concierge, with home ambience control settings and detail-oriented family management,” says John O’Gorman, Quinta do Lago Team 6 Vigiquinta Director.
From opening the gate and blinds before you arrive home, to changing a room to ‘cinema mode’, regulating the air flow, monitoring the contents of your fridge, making a restaurant reservation or setting the ambience to synchronise with the sun, your home intelligently simplifies and elevates the ordinary.


San Lorenzo North represents a new possibility in quality modern living; not luxury for the sake of luxury, but for an enriched sense of well-being, in the enjoyment and satisfaction of everyday life.
“In a private neighbourhood, where there is very little traffic and you are surrounded by nature, these homes are designed to bring out the very best in us,” Artur says.
Like the tailors of Savile Row, Quinta do Lago’s property development exudes precision, ingenuity and personalised design, promising you a home that is as comfortable to live in as your favourite suit. As humans move toward a more conscious lifestyle, San Lorenzo North is a shining example of how intelligent design can reconnect us to our most intrinsic desire – to live well.