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Enclosed by the majesty of a protected nature reserve, Quinta do Lago is home to an abundance of wildlife and nature. As part of an ongoing environmental initiative, the resort has teamed up with local Wildlife Research and Rehabilitation Centre (RIAS) to help repopulate native species and return rehabilitated animals to the wild an protect its natural landscapes.
On Friday 11th June, two beautiful young Tawny owls were released onto the South Golf Course in Quinta do Lago. Joined by members of our community, we gathered at the 1st hole of with the animal handlers from RIAS, who have spent the last two months caring for these rescued birds.
The two owls were found in Quinta do Lago earlier in the spring by a security guard. Having sadly fallen from their nest, the young birds were taken in by RIAS and have been rehabilitated over the last few months. The owls were hand-fed before being taught to hunt as they developed their flight feathers. Now, fully healthy and strong, they are ready to survive in the wild where they belong.
“The release of these beautiful owls was an amazing thing to witness,” says Joana Serra, Marketing Manager at Quinta do Lago. “I am always on the lookout for different birds in Quinta do Lago, and now whenever see a Tawny, I will think of these two lucky birds,” she says.
Just a couple of weeks later, on the 30th June, we welcomed RIAS back, this time to release 27 turtles into the lake at Quinta do Lago. The release included 25 Mediterranean Pond Turtles and 2 European Pond Turtles, that, after being abandoned several weeks prior, had suffered with malnutrition and wounds. But, with the care and attention of the team at RIAS, the turtles were rehabilitated back to full health and are now living free in the lake at Quinta do Lago. Take a walk along the São Lourenço Trail and maybe you will spot them!

In Quinta do Lago, nature is part of our DNA – as can be seen in our masterplan where only 9% of the overall area is built, with all the rest being natural spaces and green areas. The result is a destination inspired by nature, and the ideal backdrop for a lifestyle of wellness and unforgettable moments.

Some of our other eco-strategies in Quinta do Lago include organising beach and nature trail clean-ups, providing homegrown organic produce throughout our restaurants, improving irrigation and water treatment on our golf courses, reintroducing native plants to nurture the surrounding wildlife, and supporting our local community to enjoy nature and be inspired to make sustainable choices.
Do you have a suggestion or question about our sustainability strategy in Quinta do Lago? Please write to us at . We are always striving to do more and would love to hear from you.

You can read more about our commitment to our environment here.