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Quinta do Lago - Your Safe Haven

With the events of the last year, we’ve never been more appreciative of the little things in life. As the world adapts to a different way of experiencing travel, Quinta do Lago’s Chief Executive, Sean Moriarty, explains how the resort is embracing a new definition of luxury.

- quinta do lago - REDEFINING LUXURY -

What does luxury mean to you? Traditionally associated with elegant items and lavish experiences, it seems our relationship with this word is evolving with a renewed perspective on life after lockdown. In a much-anticipated come back, Quinta do Lago is reshaping the future for luxury lifestyle experiences.

“These have been powerful, pivotal and humbling times for humans all over the world. The organic trends that were slowly trickling through have suddenly been jolted into the now, and we’ve arrived at a turning point,” says Quinta do Lago’s Chief Executive, Sean Moriarty.

Within the luxury travel industry itself, leading destinations like Quinta do Lago are responding to the shifts in attitudes, values and expectations of the market. “Now more than ever, things like privacy, safety and low-density are valued, and destinations like Quinta do Lago will lead the way in this regard,” Sean says.

“The Coronavirus pandemic caused great loss and suffering, but it also gave us an opportunity to pause and consider what is most important to us,” he says. “Being together with family and friends, spending time in nature and travelling to beautiful destinations, perhaps these were things we previously took for granted, and now feel like luxuries for many of us.”

With pure ocean air, warm southern climate, healthy Mediterranean food and low-density population, the Algarve is one of the best destinations in Europe for safe and serene living – in fact, Forbes claimed it to be the top destination for living and retiring overseas post-Coronavirus.
“The lifestyle is second-to-none and the sunshine is just the start,” Sean says. “More than ever, people are seeking outdoor living, family experiences and a relaxed lifestyle, all of which we have been committed to providing in Quinta do Lago for nearly 50 years,” he says.

With awareness of human impact on the world sharpening, sustainable action and social responsibility have become more meaningful. From spotting wildlife on its golf courses to enjoying local, seasonal produce in its restaurants, the luxury of living closer to nature is strongly felt in Quinta do Lago.

“We are fortunate to be surrounded by the Ria Formosa Natural Park and beautiful beaches of the Algarve,” Sean says. “Our social and environmental responsibility goes all the way back to our earliest moments as a resort; we do not underestimate the trust our community has in us to protect this incredible place.”

It was at the height of the pandemic in Europe that Quinta do Lago announced plans for a €7 million golf upgrade, with sustainable renovations to the South Course, modernised Clubhouses and a new fleet of electric golf buggies. The resort also unveiled the newly refurbished Casa do Lago, the creation of a new guest information hub and the new addition to the culinary offer with the opening of the Umami restaurant.

“We champion an active, social lifestyle in Quinta do Lago and so decided to use that time, while the world was in shutdown, to invest in and improve the facilities and unrivalled experience we offer to our residents and guests as Europe’s premier luxury golf and lifestyle resort,” Sean says.
Redoubling their efforts to enhance the quality of life in Quinta, these investments and initiatives were, in no small way, inspired by the community spirit and sense of togetherness that was felt through the resort and region during those difficult weeks. 
“We have always known Quinta do Lago is filled with a loyal group of people who feel a very close connection to the resort, but this was really brought home to us when residents returned to their homes here to quarantine, as this was evidently where they felt safest,” Sean says.
Quinta do Lago’s community came together online, joining in fitness classes, cooking workshops and golf tuition, and together raised an incredible €500,000 for local hospitals. “Never have I had more of a sense of our global community and what we are capable of as a community. Through the sadness, the best of humanity shone through,” Sean adds.

In what has been one of the most challenging and tragic periods of history for humankind, the resilience, kindness and common humanity shown by people across the world has inspired the future of luxury destinations like Quinta do Lago – with appreciation for life as the compass.