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Quinta do Lago - New Year New You


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It’s hard to believe that another Christmas has come and gone!

After celebrating the magical Christmas festivities and indulging in all your favorite delicious cuisines in Quinta do Lago, it’s time to look ahead and focus on the New Year! And what better way than to set some New Year’s resolutions. But why is it so important to set New Year’s Resolutions? It turns out making New Year’s resolutions go as far back as some 4,000 years ago, the Babylonians made promises to the gods in the hope that they would earn good favor in the coming year and the Ancient Egyptians celebrated their time of rebirth and rejuvenation during the annual flood of the Nile.  As for the Romans, well they moved their New Year and celebrations to Jan. 1 to honor Janus, the Roman God of change and new beginnings. Sound familiar?
Around the world so many of us are still making resolutions today. Instead of making them to the gods, we now make them to ourselves with the focus on self improvement and mental health. It’s now that time to ask yourself as the end of year approaches, what made you proud, what do you want to improve and what do you want to achieve?
Often, we feel guilty in setting resolutions that become difficult to stick to, making promises to yourself that are quickly forgotten. Setting yourself a resolution is a good way of helping you to reflect on what’s important to you, clear your mind, and focus on who you want to become.

Here’s 3 reasons why setting resolutions are so
important and how you can achieve them!

The Process of goal pursuit
New year resolutions can give us a chance to improve the quality of our lives. Whether you want to be more active, eat healthier or spend more time with your family aspiring to a goal can give you a sense of control over what’s happening in your life.  Setting a specific goal that is challenging but manageable can make all the difference. If an active lifestyle is your aim The Campus in Quinta do Lago is the champion for sports, recreation, sociability and wellness. Their state of the art sports complex is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Want to take up tennis or train for a triathlon? Whatever your choice, The Campus’ scheduled activities boasts a range of sports to choose from such as tennis, padel, cycling, swimming, triathlon, personal training and group fitness classes. There are various membership options tailor made to suit you from monthly and annual memberships, to daily and weekly passes. An annual membership gives you full use of The Campus’ high performance facilities, for instance access to advance booking to fitness classes, racket classes, 30% discounts on hire mountain and road bikes, and a free induction and health assessment. If a taster week or day is more your speed feel free to try The Campus weekly or daily pass. This gives you full use of the facilities, access to selected group fitness classes, advance bookings and even walk ins are welcomed! When it’s time to relax, cool down and recover with one of The Campus’ sophisticated rehabilitation and wellness services such as a deep tissue sports massage and physiotherapy treatment. You can feel free to ask their helpful and friendly staff for guidance.

Taking time for Self-Care: Nutrition
An active life style goes hand in hand with eating healthy. It is so easy to write down healthy eating promises whilst nibbling away on a mince pie, but it’s a tougher challenge to keep it when you are alone in the depths of January. So it’s quite natural that nutrition and weight loss are often at the top of the list of goals. New Year is when most people turn to fad weight loss diets instead of thinking about making diet changes to promote and sustain a healthy lifestyle over the long term. Searching how to optimize your health?  PURE in Quinta do Lago is your first step to healthy, fresh and vibrant food ingredients available to create your “made to order” meals. PURE are passionate about health (it’s all in the name!) They know starting your day with some of their nutritious and balanced breakfast options does something amazing to your body and mind partnered with a hot cup of fresh coffee made with roasted Freetrade beans or vibrant herbal teas. Served on the lovely outdoor patio with stunning views of the 8th hole North Course, it’s a perfect way to start your day!
Getting bored of the same lunch salad every day? Instead of ploughing through the same uninspired lunches, head over to the salad bar where you can be inspired and hand pick all the elements of your perfect lunchtime meal.
When you’re on the go or looking for a handy quick way to pack vitamins and minerals into your body, stop by the juice bar and discover high quality fruits and vegetables blends beneficial for proper body maintenance. All fruits and vegetables are supplied daily by Quinta do Lago’s own greenhouse jewel, QFarm. QFarm prides itself by delivering daily fresh organically grown produce to all restaurants in Quinta do Lago. With chef’s able to prepare specific signature dishes using organic ingredients from aromatic herbs to vegetable and fruits, farm to table has never been so easy and PURE.

Reconnecting with Nature

Fresh air, the sun, the trees. Nature is a magical thing and can have strong healing powers such as boosting your immune system, reduce stress levels and anxiety among many other benefits. Nature is vital in keeping you emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. In Quinta do Lago, nature is all around and the benefits are available with the numerous nature trails throughout the Ria Formosa National Park, a magnificent 60km stretch of  wildlife running along the Algarve’s coast .
The complex ecosystem sustains a thriving wildlife of more than 300 bird species. Take a pleasant walk in the fresh air and top up on your vitamin D along the nature trails. Walk on the wooden bridge over the Quinta do Lago lagoon into a natural world of sand dunes and golden beach. If you want to learn more about this vibrant thriving habitat from the experts, you can arrange a guided tour with a marine biologist by contacting Clube da Quinta. Cycling has plenty of benefits for both body and mind. Exploring the land with friends and family is made easy by renting a bike with the Bike Shed, however if the idea of cycling like a pro scares you (as it does me) why not consider an electric bike. Ask the Bike Shed for their advice.
Since its’ inception, Quinta do Lago has been at the forefront of international golf. Built to the highest specifications the resort boasts three courses, North, South and Laranjal. Want to improve your golf, raise your game to the next level? Quinta do Lago Paul McGinley Golf Academy offers coaching and support with state of the art analytical and performance technology at the TaylorMade Performance Center. Improve your long game with the QDL Golf Practice facilities and driving ranges set on an impressive and stunning backdrop. Whether walking or cycling through the Ria Formosa Nature trails or upping your game of golf, you’ll soon see there is something for everyone when it comes to outdoor activities in Quinta do Lago. So get ready and find which sport can benefit you!
The bottom line is: Find your purpose and pursue your goal. Take time for self-care as how you fuel your body has an immediate effect on your wellbeing. Engage or connect with nature and try taking some of your activities outside. As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Believe you can and you’re half way there.” By now you must have an idea and crafted your own New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully this time next year when you are asking yourself: “what made me proud?” or what did I achieve?”, the answer will be the New You!